Our first show experience…..

Today was a exciting day as Dawn and Mouse entered the show ring for the first time, as adults at the Rylstone-Kandos Show.

Mouse surprised us by pulling out all stops and with total control of his nerves, he achieved Best in Class and (drum roll please) Best in breed  (hip hip hooray) so proud. And Dawn who didn’t quite have it all together today but still pulled off Best in Class.

Unfortunately due to the fact that we are new to showing and Peter and I were flying solo (no human children to help🙂) and were busy learning the ropes, we didn’t get any footage to post for you but hopefully next week we will when we attend the very exciting Tenterfield show in  Hillsborough hosted by the awesome Tenterfield Terrier Club NSW. #tenterfieldterrierclubnsw

Patiently waiting in the wings

Tuesday 20-02-2018 T.O.W. 16 days

I was asked on the Tenterfield Terriers facebook group about the boys stats, so I quickly did some charts for their progress. Based on doubling their weights in the first week and then averaging 5% increase per day they are all right on track. Primo is a little above the curve but the healthy weight gain is 5-10% per day, so still well within limits.

Pantsman was 194gms now 600gms

Primo was 177gms now 590gms

Squirt was 161gms now 500gms

Blaze was 182gms now 560gms

Primmys’ boys for sale

This page will be updated as interest is shown and deposits accepted. If you are interested in any of the puppies please go to the contact form below and shoot us an email so we can register your interest and discuss the boring business stuff.

Squirt (SOLD – Pending)
Pantsman (HOLD- Pending)

14-02-2018 T.O.W. 11 days

First night the boys have been weighed on the big scales, they have outgrown the little kitchen scales so we have put them on some high grade baby scales. Seriously though, not sponsored by ADE German Quality scales at all #ADE #NOTSPONSORED #AVAILABLEFROMME

Pantsman tired from all that weighing.

Friday 09-02-2018 T.O.W 5 days

A little history…….

The Tenterfield Terrier originated in England but was developed in Australia. In England when fox hunters required a small dog of great ability to chase vermin from their dens, leap onto the horse’s saddlebags and pursue the chase with the hounds, the Tenterfield Terrier was their dog of choice.

The early settlers then brought the Tenterfield Terrier to Australia, as a working dog for vermin, rabbiting and fox hunting. Over the next hundred years or so, the breed became well established in Australia; both as a working terrier and a family companion.

The Tenterfield Terrier is one of the few Australian developed dogs and was recognised as such on by the ANKC on the 1st January 2002. Many individuals in each state dedicated a lot of hard work in securing the Tenterfield, or ‘Tentie” as they are affectionately known, as a recognised Australian breed and they are now part of the ‘official’ dog world.

As a true terrier they are strong, active, agile working dogs. The Tentie is either at home, hunting or curled up on a loving lap, on the couch. Confident, with an eagerness to learn, they show great loyalty to their owner and they get on equally well with both children and the elderly. They are bold and fearless when completing a task either through training or just exploring the backyard.

These days Tenties can be seen in the show ring, competing in agility, endurance, earth dog trials and many other environments. Developed in Australia the breed can now be claimed as a ‘True Aussie’ and is a great mate!


In loving memory of Tin-Tin

Everything we do now for our dogs, is in memory of our beautiful Tin-Tin

Our love for the Tenterfield Terrier breed started 17 years ago with a beautiful rusty headed dog call Tin-Tin. He wove his way into our hearts all those years ago and started a legacy of all things Tenterfield Terriers, in our family. Many Tenterfields later these little Terriers have shared our home and have grown up alongside our children enriching all our lives everyday and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We are a small breeder located on the Central Coast who are devoted to sharing this loving and loyal breed with homes like ours. We are committed to promoting true to breed genetically sound and of excellent temperament dogs to people from all walks of life whether you need a companion or a show dog we invite you to come and see why these charismatic, very intelligent and versatile terrier will “have you at hello”.

Atenta Corona aka Dawn


Atenta Corona aka Dawn is a Tricolour ( white, black & tan) 3 year old (4/2/15) Natural Bob Tail.

Dawn comes from a highly respected Tenterfield Breeder and has thirteen champions in her blood lines.

As well as her mum duties, Dawn will be starting to participate in shows this year (2018) and we are hoping she will follow in her predecessors footsteps and achieve a Championship Title.

Dawn is an extremely intelligent problem solver. She is highly spirited, friendly and very playful.