Boy band announces their breakup

Just like all the greatest boy bands, 1D, NSync and take that, the guys have decided to go their separate ways. Working on his solo career Tux previously known as Pantsman has gone to his forever home locally.

Two of the boys have decided to go be a duo and move up to the Gold Coast, Neo PKA Squirt and Jiminy PKA Blaze I think these two boys are going to do some great stuff in the coming years.

Congratulations to the new families we are always her for help and advice when ever needed and please jeep us up to date with photos of the boys. TT for life.

Thankyou for choosing our kennel. Pete and Mel Alaula TT.

Training resources

The Tenterfield Terrier (TT) is known for being an incredibly active and friendly dog.  They are just as happy to be running around as they are being curled up on their owner’s lap. The TT is also a very curious and bold dog, and this can actually tend to get them into trouble (getting into things they shouldn’t etc).  As the TT can really have a mind of their own, it is a good idea to start training them from a young age using positive reinforcement methods.  Short sessions of training are recommended so the dog doesn’t become bored or distracted.

Keeping your TT’s mind engaged is a must. Lots of toys… Tenterfield Terriers benefit from lots of toys to keep their curiosity engaged, throwable, chewable and soft toys, be prepared to have gutted soft toys, just re stuff them and sew them back up.

Brain teaser treat games: Some petshops have treat games which require the dog to open a puzzle box for treats, but again be prepared for either minutes of enjoyment or hours depending on your TT.
Click here for an example
Dawn is our thinker she empties the spinner treat maze in seconds, Primrose is a bit different she will get a couple of treats and lose interest, not really down for the work, Kona cant keep herself focused long enough to get to all the treats and Mouse thinks it’s easier to just go outside and chase rats and birds… so every TT is different.

All the boys are sold

The boy band is all sold and we are currently crate training and socialising, getting the boys ready for their forever homes.  Lots going on at the moment so there has been a big gap in our posting. The boys had their vet checks vaccinations and microchips, vet feedback all great! The registrations have been sent to Dogs NSW, so eagerly awaiting name approvals to come through. A very exciting time indeed.

We got some great shots of the boys in the back of the Hilux, one shot has become our new business card design and a banner on the website.

Boyband looking cute as ever.

Tenterfield Terrier Club NSW Inc Specialty Show

An absolutely fantastic day was had by all today at CNCC showground, Hillsborough where approx 40 Tenties came out to strut their stuff and ours didn’t disappoint. Mouse came 1st in his intermediate class and Dawn took out a 2nd in her open class.

Then low and behold Mouse surpassed all our expectations and pulled out a BIS (Best intermediate in show) wow what an amazing effort our fur babies did today, so very proud. Also huge big thank you to my wonderful husband today that had to take up reigns and do it all by himself today due to a back issue of mine which kept me bed bound.