Big Things for Alaula

So we are very pleased to announce after much thought and consideration we have decided to keep our (much loved by everyone) beautiful little boy Alaula Blueberry Silver Moon aka Blue. This originally was not our intention and the eventual decision to keep this little boy for our breeding program was, believe it not, a huge decision for us. So keep your eye’s out for this little guy as we hope for big things from him in the future.

Girls Pleasseee Primmy

Well it has been confirmed Atenta Primrose is pregnant and with the last two litters being boys only, we have had a quite word in Primmy’s ear and told her that this litter, as much as we love her/our boys, we would really love some girls. 🙂 So fingers crossed we are blessed with some girls but ultimately healthy puppies is all we ask. We believe she is approx 4 weeks from whelping so we are busily preparing for more puppies at Alaula.

Primmys Jelly Beans

Training Ramp

Blueberrys’ first try at the ramp

Have you ever picked up your dog and put him on a elevated surface and he gives you that “Oh may god don’t put me here and certainly don’t leave me here” stare.

Well the training ramp is the foundation of getting our puppies to use and feel comfortable on elevated surfaces. It prepares them for many life situations where they may be lifted up on to vet tables, show tables or even jumping up on the couch, into the car, onto your bed or being in your arms.  Many people think that these sorts of elevated normal everyday occurrences are just what dogs do and that its normal for them to just feel happy doing these things.

But did you know that a puppy has to learn feeling comfortable in these situations.  That’s where the training ramp comes in handy. We train our puppies on the ramp with positive reinforcements, never literally pushing the puppy to continue and always being there to help them if they are showing signs of fear or uncertainty.


For Sale

“Yes mum, you called”
Look at that concentration

Alaula Blackberry Midnight Sky (name pending) aka Blackberry

DOB 13/7/2018
CHG & PLL clear by parentage
Blackberry – on limited register
Black tri male ‘Rumpy’ nbt
Microchip no 953010002777414

By the time he leaves he will have had 2nd vaccination, vet checked & regularly wormed. 
Registered with Dogs NSW Breeder no. 2100083404
Price on enquiry
Blackberry will be ready @ 12 weeks – 5th October 2018 (photo 8 weeks)

Blackberry is a ‘Quirky Cuddly Funky Kung Fu Panda’ he would be just as happy being part of family activities as he is doing his own thing.
He would suit pretty much any family, he is starting to come out of his shell and show some more outgoing personality. Blackberry tends to like little cuddles often rather than long cuddles, he is getting more adventurous seeking out new experiences.
He approaches things in a cautious way unlike his brothers that tend to run in first and then get stuck, but he hasn’t shied away from anything yet, he still has a go at everything we have shown him.