I was reading an article the other day that really highlighted to me how confusing us humans can actually be when it comes to our dogs.

So let’s have a chat about them:

  1. Taking it personality when our dogs do something that us humans, class as wrong. All domestic dogs have natural behaviours such as barking, digging, sniffing, chewing and even stealing food. So why do we scold or yell at our dogs when we find them chewing on our new pair of sneakers we just got for Christmas, it may not be right to us but is it actually wrong?? Instead of getting angry or frustrated take a deep breath and ask yourself why your dog may be doing it. Maybe it’s a cry for your attention, maybe they are showing you an increase in hunger because they have worms, maybe they are teething if you have pups or maybe it’s trying to tell you it’s bored and needs some toys. Trust me when I say it is very rarely if not ever because it just wants to upset you, or make you mad.
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