Progress Report for the Flower Power Kids

Firstly we would like to apolgise for those people watching the website, last week was a very busy week and unfortunately we hadn’t gotten to update the website,  quick posts on the Facebook was done on the fly but we know everyone doesn’t have access to Facebook so lets do a little progress report on the Flower power kids. Eyes are open and moving round the pen well now. Mum has started to wean them (meaning they are looking for food). Prim has always been a awesome mum at knowing when it is time and showing us this by leaving the pen more and more. So the pups have moved onto food quite easily with mum still topping them up with milk when they need it. 

Willow (she doesn’t really like photos unless she can get close, haha)
Loving mum’s milk

Last week we started introducing different experiences into the pups day. This was  in the form of a walk on different surfaces (carpet, lino, tiles etc), carrying the pups around the house, exploring different rooms (our kids love helping with this one) and lapping liquids (which wasn’t as successful as I would have liked but we will get there). Also we add one new item a day, to the pen, this could be anything from a new toy to new random items, some of these items were a radio or pig statue or in the case of the following video a kids toy. 

One new thing a day

The pups have also started sound protocols which consist of : Some lovely back ground classical music for part of the day and startle recovery exercises. Startle recovery exercises are not designed to scare puppies but are noises that would happen in everyday life and are designed to startle the puppy (this is seen by a jerk) but then the pup should pretty quickly if not immediately go back to what its doing. Obviously every pup is different and every recovery is monitored, but the munchkins are doing pretty well . The video below is of a cake tin being dropped outside their pen.

Startle response
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So the group has been named “Flower Power”

Due to the fact this will be Primmy’s last litter we decided to dedicate it to her. Hence the “Flower Power” group. Now we know that’s a little girly for our only boy but we think he is man enough to own it!

Some people may think it’s strange for us to name our pups as ultimately they may change once they go to their new fur homes and isn’t it a sign that we are getting too attached? My stance on this is, they are Alaula’s babies first, we put our heart and soul into raising them for the first 10 weeks of their lives, which is considered to be the most critical time, we want them to feel comfortable with us, that’s how we raise good temperament and socially accepting puppies, but we are also fully capable of saying goodbye especially when we know they are going to wonderful homes (and they are little terrors after 12 weeks, just joking) . We do our bit to give you the best puppies we can. Changing the name of a puppy when they reach their furever home is also quite simple and they take to a new name without much fuss. So with no further ado we have the following :

Girl long tail (black) – Gypsie Rose aka Gypsie
Girl long tail (white) – Desert Rose aka Desie
Girl 3 nbt – Willow Rose aka Willow
Boy nbt – Kool Cosmos aka Cosmo

So obviously the “Rose” in the girls comes from our beautiful Primrose and the “Kool” in the boy comes from our main man Koolaroo. Welcome to Flower power kids.

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Hooray for Primmy! We have broken the drought!

Alaula Tenterfield Terriers welcomed Atenta Primrose aka Primmy and Aaungara Koolaroo aka. Mouse newest litter this morning. Prim started showing signs of getting ready to whelp late last night and started delivering between 9am-10am this morning. Prim gave birth, firstly to a beautiful nbt (natural bob tail) boy. Peter and I, then held our breathe as the second pup arrived about a an hour later with Alaula’s first long tail girl, hip, hip,hooray our girl drought was over. Prim soon followed up with another two gorgeous sisters, another long tail and just for variety, a heavenly nbt.

All puppies were good weights and she delivered well, with no real complications. There are more pics and videos on our facebook page of the whole experience however for those who are following our webpage here are a couple tasters for you. Don’t worry more photos will follow.

Mum resting and pups drinking after a big morning
Just a quick shot whilst mum has a very quick toilet break.
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Big Things for Alaula

So we are very pleased to announce after much thought and consideration we have decided to keep our (much loved by everyone) beautiful little boy Alaula Blueberry Silver Moon aka Blue. This originally was not our intention and the eventual decision to keep this little boy for our breeding program was, believe it not, a huge decision for us. So keep your eye’s out for this little guy as we hope for big things from him in the future.

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Girls Pleasseee Primmy

Well it has been confirmed Atenta Primrose is pregnant and with the last two litters being boys only, we have had a quite word in Primmy’s ear and told her that this litter, as much as we love her/our boys, we would really love some girls. šŸ™‚ So fingers crossed we are blessed with some girls but ultimately healthy puppies is all we ask. We believe she is approx 4 weeks from whelping so we are busily preparing for more puppies at Alaula.

Primmys Jelly Beans
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Kona & Mouse puppies have arrived

As is the trend for Alaula Tenterfield Terriers, Kona has had her puppies early and they are all BOYS! Kona welcomed 3 boys last night and we have one of each to complete the collection, one Black & White (NBT), one Liver & White (long tail) and one Blue & White (long tail). Mum and bubs doing well, putting on weight and well settled.

Bethy why you taking photos of my boys already?

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Tenterfield Terrier Club NSW Inc Specialty Show

An absolutely fantastic day was had by all today at CNCC showground, Hillsborough where approx 40 Tenties came out to strut their stuff and ours didn’t disappoint. Mouse came 1st in his intermediate class and Dawn took out a 2nd in her open class.

Then low and behold Mouse surpassed all our expectations and pulled out a BIS (Best intermediate in show) wow what an amazing effort our fur babies did today, so very proud. Also huge big thank you to my wonderful husband today that had to take up reigns and do it all by himself today due to a back issue of mine which kept me bed bound.


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Our first show experience…..

Today was a exciting day as Dawn and Mouse entered the show ring for the first time, as adults at the Rylstone-Kandos Show.

Mouse surprised us by pulling out all stops and with total control of his nerves, heĀ achieved Best in Class and (drum roll please) Best in breed Ā (hip hip hooray) so proud. And Dawn who didn’t quite have it all together today but still pulled off Best in Class.

Unfortunately due to the fact that we are new to showing and Peter and I were flying solo (no human children to helpšŸ™‚) and were busy learning the ropes, we didn’t get any footage to post for you but hopefully next week we will when we attend the very exciting Tenterfield show in Ā Hillsborough hosted by the awesome Tenterfield Terrier Club NSW. #tenterfieldterrierclubnsw

Patiently waiting in the wings

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