Girls Pleasseee Primmy

Well it has been confirmed Atenta Primrose is pregnant and with the last two litters being boys only, we have had a quite word in Primmy’s ear and told her that this litter, as much as we love her/our boys, we would really love some girls. 🙂 So fingers crossed we are blessed with some girls but ultimately healthy puppies is all we ask. We believe she is approx 4 weeks from whelping so we are busily preparing for more puppies at Alaula.

Primmys Jelly Beans
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We’re Expecting!!

Don’t we make a beautiful couple!

We’re expecting!! Aaungara Koolaroo aka.Mouse and Tentapride Pheonix Sun aka.Kona are expecting their 1st litter of pups towards the end of July 2018.🤞🤞everything goes to plan!! Exciting Times ahead for Alaula. We will keep you all posted on the pregnancy/puppies as we progress.


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