Happy Additions to Our Family

Our Boys, Neo and Jiminy, from Alaula Tenterfield Terriers are now six months old. How did that happen so fast?

It is time to put our thoughts on paper as we are just thrilled with their development and this is in no small part due to the time and effort and thought which Melanie and Peter put into their breeding programme.

During their first eight weeks, we were in almost daily contact with Melanie and Peter who really made us feel part of The Boys first weeks. First eyes open, first waddle across the floor. We really did feel included in their formative moments.

Our collection day was a lovely experience with Melanie briefing us on progress made, a list of their experiences, even providing us with two blankets made from a puppy blanket they had shared to help with separation anxiety and some homemade toys for their long trip home to the Gold Coast.

The Boys came to us at eight weeks beautifully prepared for their new life. Their outside experiences were already numerous, which meant they were confident little puppies from the outset.

Melanie and Peter were extremely supportive during the first few weeks they were home with us, fielding our many questions with considered responses and never making us feel like we were asking silly questions.

Being litter brothers, we have taken extra care in their training to ensure they are treated equally yet as individuals, however this hasn’t been a terribly difficult exercise as they are very different in personality.

We are thrilled with their temperaments, they walk off lead at the park and the beach, mixing with all shapes and sizes of dogs without any dramas. They are terrific little dogs in the yard and the house and are fitting in beautifully with our existing Fur Family members, two older chihuahuas and two cats.

We would not hesitate recommending an Alaula Tenterfield Terrier for any family looking for a pup with a beautiful temperament and wonderful conformation.

Deborah Wilson and Michelle Forbes-Lording
Gold Coast

Deborah Wilson
Neo (Neo Two Feather) and Jiminy (Dancing Bear)

Look No Further

If any one is looking to buy a puppy, I have no hesitations in recommending getting a puppy from Melanie Williams from Alaula Tenterfield Terriers. The pups are well adjusted to life experiences for their age and will fit right in to any loving home. She is always on hand to offer advice and support for the puppy. I purchased one of her “Berry Boys” Blackberry in October of this year and it didn’t take him long to settle into our home life and hearts.

Paula Gill
Blackberry aka Merlin

The Perfect Dog For Me

After the death of my Tenterfield Terrier in 2018, I was devastated. After a time, I longed for another Tenterfield. I searched everywhere, unsure of the right place to buy from. Thankfully, I found Mel and Pete, their web and Facebook pages. Wowwww, what a wealth of information about pups! With my last 2 dogs, I just picked a colour and handed over my money and took my 6 week pup home and that was it, I was on my own.

Little did I know there was so much more information about selecting and owning a pup. I followed Alaula’s web and Facebook pages and saw info, photos and videos, on exactly how pups are born, raised and educated into confident and happy pups. Having this new found knowledge, I then knew that I had to have one of their pups. Thankfully a litter was due in February, so I was able to follow the pregnancy, birth and education of my new puppy online.

My darling puppy ‘Arrow’ was delivered to me on Good Friday and he’s been with me for just over a week. What a beautiful and loving nature he has; and has settled in really well. Arrow is very responsive to whatever training and play I give him and loves spending time with my neighbours. Arrow truly is the perfect puppy for me and I’m so honoured to have him in my life. Thanks Mel and Pete and the team at Alaula.

Julie Hayes

The Joy of Puppy Power

My family and I have a new puppy named Archie Boy thanks to Alaula Tenterfield Terriers.
Mel and Pete, who run this highly reputable breeding operation, have been an absolute dream to deal with.
The amount of love and care they have shown for the puppies in their latest litters has been beautiful to witness. The help and support they have given us to ensure our new puppy settles in well at his forever home has been a wonderfully uplifting and enjoyable experience. They have supported us every step of the way and answered our questions with expertise and passion. Before we came across them, we had no idea such committed and caring breeders existed. Archie Boy is a little ball of love and affection, who has brought great joy and happiness to our lives.

Damon Cronshaw
Archie Boy

Alaula Walkin Lee Roy Blue

Pete and Mel you are so passionate about your TT’s and that truly is shown in the beautiful puppies you breed. We love our little man to the moon and back and thank you once again. I have TT’s before but your knowledge is on this breed is amazing. I use the information in the folder provided on Lee Roy.

Melissa Grace Roberts
Lee Roy Blue

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