Progress Report for the Flower Power Kids

Firstly we would like to apolgise for those people watching the website, last week was a very busy week and unfortunately we hadn’t gotten to update the website,  quick posts on the Facebook was done on the fly but we know everyone doesn’t have access to Facebook so lets do a little progress report on the Flower power kids. Eyes are open and moving round the pen well now. Mum has started to wean them (meaning they are looking for food). Prim has always been a awesome mum at knowing when it is time and showing us this by leaving the pen more and more. So the pups have moved onto food quite easily with mum still topping them up with milk when they need it. 

Willow (she doesn’t really like photos unless she can get close, haha)
Loving mum’s milk

Last week we started introducing different experiences into the pups day. This was  in the form of a walk on different surfaces (carpet, lino, tiles etc), carrying the pups around the house, exploring different rooms (our kids love helping with this one) and lapping liquids (which wasn’t as successful as I would have liked but we will get there). Also we add one new item a day, to the pen, this could be anything from a new toy to new random items, some of these items were a radio or pig statue or in the case of the following video a kids toy. 

One new thing a day

The pups have also started sound protocols which consist of : Some lovely back ground classical music for part of the day and startle recovery exercises. Startle recovery exercises are not designed to scare puppies but are noises that would happen in everyday life and are designed to startle the puppy (this is seen by a jerk) but then the pup should pretty quickly if not immediately go back to what its doing. Obviously every pup is different and every recovery is monitored, but the munchkins are doing pretty well . The video below is of a cake tin being dropped outside their pen.

Startle response
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For Sale

“Yes mum, you called”
Look at that concentration

Alaula Blackberry Midnight Sky (name pending) aka Blackberry

DOB 13/7/2018
CHG & PLL clear by parentage
Blackberry – on limited register
Black tri male ‘Rumpy’ nbt
Microchip no 953010002777414

By the time he leaves he will have had 2nd vaccination, vet checked & regularly wormed. 
Registered with Dogs NSW Breeder no. 2100083404
Price on enquiry
Blackberry will be ready @ 12 weeks – 5th October 2018 (photo 8 weeks)

Blackberry is a ‘Quirky Cuddly Funky Kung Fu Panda’ he would be just as happy being part of family activities as he is doing his own thing.
He would suit pretty much any family, he is starting to come out of his shell and show some more outgoing personality. Blackberry tends to like little cuddles often rather than long cuddles, he is getting more adventurous seeking out new experiences.
He approaches things in a cautious way unlike his brothers that tend to run in first and then get stuck, but he hasn’t shied away from anything yet, he still has a go at everything we have shown him.

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Welcome to Alaula Tenterfield Terriers.

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