Friday 09-02-2018 T.O.W 5 days

Puppies are doing just as expected, feeding, sleeping, feeding, sleeping and the occasional game of hide n seek in the blanket.

Neurological Stimulation started today, nothing else really new yet as it’s early days. Primrose is being a fantastic mum and the two other girls, Kona and Dawn, are wondering when they get to have a nurse and play.

As the puppies come to our office each day we have to keep saying no to every courier that just wants a quick hold!

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1 thought on “Friday 09-02-2018 T.O.W 5 days”

  1. It was a pleasure speaking to you both this evening.

    All the puppies look handsome and their mum is a lovely looking girl.. No wonder her boys are all so cute.

    Squirt looks like a real little champ. We look forward to seeing his and all his brothers progress over the coming weeks.

    Kind regards,
    Deborah and Michelle.

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