Asking for Expressions of Interest!!

The Berry Boys

Many of people have expressed an interest in our current ‘Berry Boys’ litter,(Tenterpride Phoenix Sun aka Kona and Aaungara Koolaroo aka Mouse) which is great, as they are very adorable boys. However unlike our other litters, this litter is being watched very closely by us, why you may ask?. Well…. let me explain! . The reason these boys have not yet been offered for sale is because 1) being Kona’s first litter we didn’t know what to expect from her and her puppies regarding what type of mum she would become and what sort of temperaments or traits she may have passed to her puppies and  2) although Mouse is a super cute and cuddly dog he can display timidness in certain situations. So mating this pair was a ‘watch this space’ type situation. We are happy to report that although its early days the boys seem to be adjusting nicely to the world even though we have had some hiccups along the way. They are progressing well in their socialisation training and are making great headway with their developmental skills.

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So much happening!!

Fudge loves the tunnel 

So much has happened this week. Firstly the pups are learning to explore and are loving the new enrichment toys in the playpen such as the tunnel and the snuffle mat (which I will expand on next in my blog including how to make your own). Fudge and Blue are also becoming pro’s at navigating the wobble board which is used to help the pups to develop motor skills such as body awareness, balance, muscle condition and strength. The wobble board is also used as a trigger to help strengthen their ‘CER’ (Conditional Emotional Response) which they passed with flying colours with no negative responses at all and loved making the board move.

Fudge and Blue loving the wobble board

We also had our first outing into the big backyard. They certainly didn’t love the grass the first time but there is plenty of time for that in the near future.

“Stay close boys I’m not sure about this green stuff “Blue says.

“Dad what are u doing all the way over there” Blackberry says.
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Our new digs!!

The “Berry Boys” as they have become affectionately known as, got some extensions added to their whelping box this weekend. They are now living in luxury with the expanded play area where new things will be added as needed. Kona has started to wean them so goats milk and food has been added to their diets and although they arent to fond on eating this new thing called “food” they do love standing in it and will hopefully get the hang of putting it in their mouths instead of making cute little milk or food paw prints in the new digs.

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Puppy Volcano erupting!

The boys are getting bigger and bigger every day (of course Pete I mean they are puppies growing right? .ed)

Tonight they were spilling out of the snuggle bed like a volcano of puppies erupting!

Puppy Eruption!
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First week at the office – Kona & Mouse 2018

The puppies had their first day at the office, they will travel with us daily from now on for supervision and as they get older, socialisation and training.

At the office in the office crate.

Kona and Blueberry cuddles in the office crate day 1.

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Have you ever wondered why puppies twitch when sleeping?

Many people are fascinated when they come and see our puppies about why they twitch so much when they sleep and is it normal?. The simple answer is yes, it is totally normal and in actual fact we would be worried if they didn’t twitch a lot when asleep. Many studies have found that twitching while asleep is very important when raising healthy, well developed puppies. This ‘activated sleep’ or REM sleep in which  twitching, kicking, rapid eye movement and or vocal noises occurs, is said  to help strengthen, develop and build muscle as well as creating neural connections to help motor coordination. If you wish to read more about why puppies twitch you can find more information in the following links:

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Kona and Mouse – puppies are growing rapidly!

Early Neurological Stimulation has started

The new pups had a very exciting day yesterday as Early Neurological Stimulation started. What is Early Neurological Stimulation you ask? Well, it is 5 short exercises that are carried out on all pups usually between day 3 (for us here at Alaula we started on day 5 for this litter due to mum being a little protective of her babes) to day 16.
I won’t go into to much detail as you can read further about this method on the link below but to give you the short version The exercises consist of : tactical stimulation, head held erect, head pointed down, supine position and thermal stimulation. Each exercise is carried out one after the other for 3-5 seconds each exercise. Why do we do this you may ask? Well these 5 exercises were created to stimulate brain functions that don’t normally occur in the early stages of a puppy’s life and it is believed that this early time period is when the puppy is going through a rapid neurological growth and development stage.
The benefits of these exercises include improved cardio vascular performance (heart rate), stronger heart beats, stronger adrenal glands, more tolerance to stress and a greater resistance to disease resulting in puppies being more activate and more exploratory than puppies that weren’t stimulated.
You may ask where did these findings come from? These exercises are used today by many breeders worldwide and are based on years of research done by the US military, in their canine program, to improve and enhance their dogs performance and overall well-being. The dogs that were stimulated during this window of time exhibited more calming behaviours and were less disturbed and/or upset when exposed to difficult problem solving situations when older.
If you wish to read further about this please click on the below link

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Kona & Mouse puppies have arrived

As is the trend for Alaula Tenterfield Terriers, Kona has had her puppies early and they are all BOYS! Kona welcomed 3 boys last night and we have one of each to complete the collection, one Black & White (NBT), one Liver & White (long tail) and one Blue & White (long tail). Mum and bubs doing well, putting on weight and well settled.

Bethy why you taking photos of my boys already?

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