So the group has been named “Flower Power”

Due to the fact this will be Primmy’s last litter we decided to dedicate it to her. Hence the “Flower Power” group. Now we know that’s a little girly for our only boy but we think he is man enough to own it!

Some people may think it’s strange for us to name our pups as ultimately they may change once they go to their new fur homes and isn’t it a sign that we are getting too attached? My stance on this is, they are Alaula’s babies first, we put our heart and soul into raising them for the first 10 weeks of their lives, which is considered to be the most critical time, we want them to feel comfortable with us, that’s how we raise good temperament and socially accepting puppies, but we are also fully capable of saying goodbye especially when we know they are going to wonderful homes (and they are little terrors after 12 weeks, just joking) . We do our bit to give you the best puppies we can. Changing the name of a puppy when they reach their furever home is also quite simple and they take to a new name without much fuss. So with no further ado we have the following :

Girl long tail (black) – Gypsie Rose aka Gypsie
Girl long tail (white) – Desert Rose aka Desie
Girl 3 nbt – Willow Rose aka Willow
Boy nbt – Kool Cosmos aka Cosmo

So obviously the “Rose” in the girls comes from our beautiful Primrose and the “Kool” in the boy comes from our main man Koolaroo. Welcome to Flower power kids.

Hooray for Primmy! We have broken the drought!

Alaula Tenterfield Terriers welcomed Atenta Primrose aka Primmy and Aaungara Koolaroo aka. Mouse newest litter this morning. Prim started showing signs of getting ready to whelp late last night and started delivering between 9am-10am this morning. Prim gave birth, firstly to a beautiful nbt (natural bob tail) boy. Peter and I, then held our breathe as the second pup arrived about a an hour later with Alaula’s first long tail girl, hip, hip,hooray our girl drought was over. Prim soon followed up with another two gorgeous sisters, another long tail and just for variety, a heavenly nbt.

All puppies were good weights and she delivered well, with no real complications. There are more pics and videos on our facebook page of the whole experience however for those who are following our webpage here are a couple tasters for you. Don’t worry more photos will follow.

Mum resting and pups drinking after a big morning
Just a quick shot whilst mum has a very quick toilet break.

Primrose & Mouse October 2018

Not long to go now we are on the home stretch days away from puppies again in the house.

Looking a bit bigger there Primmy
There are some extra skeletons there approx 4.

Training Ramp

Blueberrys’ first try at the ramp

Have you ever picked up your dog and put him on a elevated surface and he gives you that “Oh may god don’t put me here and certainly don’t leave me here” stare.

Well the training ramp is the foundation of getting our puppies to use and feel comfortable on elevated surfaces. It prepares them for many life situations where they may be lifted up on to vet tables, show tables or even jumping up on the couch, into the car, onto your bed or being in your arms.  Many people think that these sorts of elevated normal everyday occurrences are just what dogs do and that its normal for them to just feel happy doing these things.

But did you know that a puppy has to learn feeling comfortable in these situations.  That’s where the training ramp comes in handy. We train our puppies on the ramp with positive reinforcements, never literally pushing the puppy to continue and always being there to help them if they are showing signs of fear or uncertainty.


Primo AKA Dude all growed up

We received a photo last night via the Facebook of a more mature Primo and he has certainly transformed into a handsome man.

The dreaded dew claw…

At some point most TT owners have had to deal with a torn dew claw. It just one of those hazards that these little guys have to contend with, they are low to the ground, agile, super fast and typically fear nothing. The result is when chasing a ball or any other object they can be prone to tearing the dew claws and at times they won’t even help or show signs that this has happened.

Today Dawn chased the ball 3 times to run a  total distance of 15 metres and she ripped her right dew claw. The only sign it happened was her licking her foot when she reached the top of the stairs. Then the tell tale signs of blood dripping from the foot.

It’s relatively easy to treat, if the nail is completely off and hanging then take it all the way off. If it’s just bleeding then you can pad and wrap the foot, they heal fast so its normally a big issue. The nail will grow back, it may be malformed at first but eventually after clipping it will start to grow out straight. Use some antiseptic solution if you have some before wrapping. This does not constitute vet advice, always seek the advice of a vet, if you’re not near  a vet this is step one before you get to your vet.

Consider full dew claw removal. This is a point we usually make to our new puppy owners, at some stage you will usually be desexing and during that procedure it’s a quick couple of cuts and sutures and you can remove this potential hazard from your TT life forever. Discuss with with your vet.

Daddy wrapped dew claw

Puppy Volcano erupting!

The boys are getting bigger and bigger every day (of course Pete I mean they are puppies growing right? .ed)

Tonight they were spilling out of the snuggle bed like a volcano of puppies erupting!

Puppy Eruption!

First week at the office – Kona & Mouse 2018

The puppies had their first day at the office, they will travel with us daily from now on for supervision and as they get older, socialisation and training.

At the office in the office crate.

Kona and Blueberry cuddles in the office crate day 1.

Kona and Mouse – puppies are growing rapidly!