So the group has been named “Flower Power”

Due to the fact this will be Primmy’s last litter we decided to dedicate it to her. Hence the “Flower Power” group. Now we know that’s a little girly for our only boy but we think he is man enough to own it!

Some people may think it’s strange for us to name our pups as ultimately they may change once they go to their new fur homes and isn’t it a sign that we are getting too attached? My stance on this is, they are Alaula’s babies first, we put our heart and soul into raising them for the first 10 weeks of their lives, which is considered to be the most critical time, we want them to feel comfortable with us, that’s how we raise good temperament and socially accepting puppies, but we are also fully capable of saying goodbye especially when we know they are going to wonderful homes (and they are little terrors after 12 weeks, just joking) . We do our bit to give you the best puppies we can. Changing the name of a puppy when they reach their furever home is also quite simple and they take to a new name without much fuss. So with no further ado we have the following :

Girl long tail (black) – Gypsie Rose aka Gypsie
Girl long tail (white) – Desert Rose aka Desie
Girl 3 nbt – Willow Rose aka Willow
Boy nbt – Kool Cosmos aka Cosmo

So obviously the “Rose” in the girls comes from our beautiful Primrose and the “Kool” in the boy comes from our main man Koolaroo. Welcome to Flower power kids.

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The QLD boys

Well our beautiful QLD boys – Alaula Neo 2 Feathers aka Neo and Alaula Blazing Bear aka Jiminy have been thoroughly enjoying their new home in our ‘Sunshine State’ with their forever family. We get beautiful photos and video’s of them going on lots of beach runs and they love spending time going into work with one of their mums. Here’s a couple of our favourite updated photo’s of them. Absolutely stunning boys you melt our hearts.❤❤

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Primo AKA Dude all growed up

We received a photo last night via the Facebook of a more mature Primo and he has certainly transformed into a handsome man.

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Tux Artist FKA Pantsman looking smart

I received some great photos from Tuxs’ new family today he is looking great with his ears up and looking all cute!

Tux all cute ears up!

Comfortable? Sure.

In the name of TT everywhere I TUX claim this chair as my own!

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Boy band announces their breakup

Just like all the greatest boy bands, 1D, NSync and take that, the guys have decided to go their separate ways. Working on his solo career Tux previously known as Pantsman has gone to his forever home locally.

Two of the boys have decided to go be a duo and move up to the Gold Coast, Neo PKA Squirt and Jiminy PKA Blaze I think these two boys are going to do some great stuff in the coming years.

Congratulations to the new families we are always her for help and advice when ever needed and please jeep us up to date with photos of the boys. TT for life.

Thankyou for choosing our kennel. Pete and Mel Alaula TT.

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All the boys are sold

The boy band is all sold and we are currently crate training and socialising, getting the boys ready for their forever homes.  Lots going on at the moment so there has been a big gap in our posting. The boys had their vet checks vaccinations and microchips, vet feedback all great! The registrations have been sent to Dogs NSW, so eagerly awaiting name approvals to come through. A very exciting time indeed.

We got some great shots of the boys in the back of the Hilux, one shot has become our new business card design and a banner on the website.

Boyband looking cute as ever.

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Blazing Bear

Current status: Sold

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Mr Pants man

Current status: Sold

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