So much happening!!

Fudge loves the tunnelĀ 

So much has happened this week. Firstly the pups are learning to explore and are loving the new enrichment toys in the playpen such as the tunnel and the snuffle mat (which I will expand on next in my blog including how to make your own). Fudge and Blue are also becoming pro’s at navigating the wobble board which is used to help the pups to develop motor skills such as body awareness, balance, muscle condition and strength. The wobble board is also used as a trigger to help strengthen their ‘CER’ (Conditional Emotional Response) which they passed with flying colours with no negative responses at all and loved making the board move.

Fudge and Blue loving the wobble board

We also had our first outing into the big backyard. They certainly didn’t love the grass the first time but there is plenty of time for that in the near future.

“Stay close boys I’m not sure about this green stuff “Blue says.

“Dad what are u doing all the way over there” Blackberry says.
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