Kona final pre natal visit and head count

Kona had her final vet check today and a literal head count of the puppies.  We were hoping for a larger litter this time around, getting into the swing of it we thought why not have more puppies to spread more Alaula love? 3 is still great for Konas’ first litter she should be able to cope easily and feel her way through motherhood without much demand we hope.

As you can see the ultrasound confirmed we are in the home stretch, the x-ray gave us an accurate head count, unless a puppy is hiding exactly behind another one, we are having three.  You can make out in my horrible screen photo of the x-ray the heads and spines of the little guys. Circle 3 is a little low and to the right of the actual head, I didn’t have it enlarged enough in photoshop to get the head right on that one.

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