A little history…….

The Tenterfield Terrier originated in England but was developed in Australia. In England when fox hunters required a small dog of great ability to chase vermin from their dens, leap onto the horse’s saddlebags and pursue the chase with the hounds, the Tenterfield Terrier was their dog of choice.

The early settlers then brought the Tenterfield Terrier to Australia, as a working dog for vermin, rabbiting and fox hunting. Over the next hundred years or so, the breed became well established in Australia; both as a working terrier and a family companion.

The Tenterfield Terrier is one of the few Australian developed dogs and was recognised as such on by the ANKC on the 1st January 2002. Many individuals in each state dedicated a lot of hard work in securing the Tenterfield, or ‘Tentie” as they are affectionately known, as a recognised Australian breed and they are now part of the ‘official’ dog world.

As a true terrier they are strong, active, agile working dogs. The Tentie is either at home, hunting or curled up on a loving lap, on the couch. Confident, with an eagerness to learn, they show great loyalty to their owner and they get on equally well with both children and the elderly. They are bold and fearless when completing a task either through training or just exploring the backyard.

These days Tenties can be seen in the show ring, competing in agility, endurance, earth dog trials and many other environments. Developed in Australia the breed can now be claimed as a ‘True Aussie’ and is a great mate!


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