Aaungara Koolaroo aka Mouse



Aaungara Koolaroo aka Mouse is a Blue Tricolour (white, blue & tan) 2 year old (16/1/16) Natural bob tail.

Mouse travelled all the way from a fantastic South Australian breeder to be with us. He has 4 champions and 1 Grand champion in his blood lines.

Mouse is a very athletic Tenterfield who is always on the go.  He is always on alert and loves chasing birds and rats. He is quirky but extremely snuggerly.

Mouse sired four beautiful litters, however as our breeding plans changed, we felt that this boy was due to go out into the world and just be his own man doing his own thing without all his harem of females. We therefore desexed and rehomed this super cuddly guy who went to join young active home, for a completely different lifestyle .

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