The “Puppy Culture” Experience

Like many breeders these days Alaula Tenterfield Terriers are very proactive in our puppies lives. We are focused on giving your puppies the best foundations when learning to interact with the big, wide world. Here are at Alaula we use the  building blocks from of a wonderful program, used by many different breeders worldwide, created by Jane Killion (a bull terrier breeder in the US) called “puppy culture”.

The puppy culture experience identifies the developmental periods of the first twelve weeks that are crucial in shaping your puppy’s future. This program allows our puppies to actively learn and includes early neurological stimulation, emotional resiliency exercises,  leash walking, some toilet training and problem prevention techniques. Puppy culture’s scientific-based  socialisation protocols are an invaluable tool for us as breeders and even for new puppy owners so if you would like to talk further with us about this or see these practices in action as our litters progress we will add video’s so stay tuned. Otherwise you can explore Puppy Culture directly, click on the banner above.

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