Announcing Alaula’s First 5vers

Atenta Corona aka Dawn and Silvieras Be My Kind aka JR (owned by Danielle McCosker- Yarraview Tenterfield Terriers) are very pleased to announce their first litter together born on Saturday 9th Feb and will be known from here on wards, by the group name the Surprise 5vers .

So for those of you who don’t follow our Facebook page here’s a little back ground. Our vet confirmed by ultrasound about a week before birth that Dawn was only carrying 3 puppies. Upon delivering puppy 3, Peter posts his usual video on Facebook with congrats for Dawn for delivering 3 healthy babies, as that was what the vet stated, 3 and that it would be a “miracle” if she had any more. After that we noticed we needed to tie off a cord on puppy 3, due to a little bleeding and whilst we were concentrating on what we were doing, Dawn unbeknown to us at the time had “miracle” puppy number 4, less than a metre away without so much as a squeak. So when I went to return puppy 3 to mum, I noticed our puppy pile had grown and extra pup, surprise, 4 puppies!!. Ok, so that can sometimes be normal the vet can miss a pup its not an exact science one could have be hiding and well that seemed to be it. Half and hour passed then an hour nothing was happening and Dawn and puppies seemed happy and content so Peter and I decided to get a quick bite to eat (as it was nearing 7.00pm) and the kitchen is meters from the whelping box. We were gone approx. 10mins came back to check on everyone and I had to do a double take. What? We seemed to have another puppy, puppy number 5 surprise!!!. Hence the group name the Surprise 5vers.

Some people may think it’s strange for us to name our pups as ultimately they may change once they go to their new fur homes and isn’t it a sign that we are getting too attached? My stance on this is, they are Alaula’s babies first, we put our heart and soul into raising them for the first 10 weeks of their lives, which is considered to be the most critical time, we want them to feel comfortable with us, that’s how we raise good temperament and socially accepting puppies, but we are also fully capable of saying goodbye especially when we know they are going to wonderful homes (and they are little terrors after 12 weeks, just joking). We do our bit to give you the best puppies we can. Changing the name of a puppy when they reach their furever home is also quite simple and they take to a new name without much fuss. So with no further ado we have the following :

Puppy 1-Boy, Long Tail, currently named Arrow
Puppy 2-Girl, NBT, Currently called Monty
Puppy 3- Boy, Long Tail, Currently called Zeus
Puppy 4- Girl, Long Tail, Currently named Beauty
Puppy 5, Girl, Long Tail, Currently called Clowny (as she is a clown face even though this side doesn’t show it)

Now our Dawn couldn’t have birthed this beautiful litter without the lovely JR who we had the pleasure in boarding, with us, for a week. “JR is a great producing Sire with lovely angulation and out going temperaments” Yarraview Tenterfield Terriers . We couldn’t have done this without Danielle McCosker who entrusted us with her beautiful dear boy. Thank you Danielle they are just beautiful.

If you wish to see JR Pedigree please don’t hesitate to ask

Silvieras Be My Kind aka JR

More photos will follow very soon. Mum and babes are doing well.

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