Yarraview Sapphi La Blue aka Sapphi

Yarraview Sapphi La Blue aka Sapphi is a Blue Tricolour ( white, blue & tan) nearly 2 years old (11/9/18) Natural Bob Tail.

Sapphi comes from a quality, highly experience Tenterfield Breeder with numerous quality show & dog sports Tenterfields to her name.

Sapphi has yet to have a litter but we hoping for some beautiful pups from this girl.

Sapphi is a playful, quirky, goofy chatterbox who loves just being in ones company. She has a fun, even temperament and thinks that the puppy call (a high pitched fast spoken call used by breeders to call ones young pups to you… “PUPPY,PUPPY,PUPPY”) is the funnest & best call in the world!! even over her name sometimes, lol.

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