Yarraview Sapphi La Blue aka Sapphi

Yarraview Sapphi La Blue aka Sapphi is a Blue Tricolour ( white, blue & tan) nearly 3 years old (11/9/18) Natural Bob Tail.

Sapphi comes from a quality, highly experience Tenterfield Breeder with numerous quality show & dog sports Tenterfields to her name. And also has some wins in the show ring herself already under her belt.

Sapphi has had one litter with some beautiful pups. She is wonderful mum and puts everything into her babies.

Sapphi is a playful, quirky, goofy chatterbox who loves just being in ones company. She has a fun, even temperament and thinks that the puppy call (a high pitched fast spoken call used by breeders to call ones young pups to you… “PUPPY,PUPPY,PUPPY”) is the funnest & best call in the world!! even over her name sometimes, lol.

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