Primmys’ puppies are here!

Announcing the arrival of our boy band the super cute group of four!

Atenta Primrose (Mum) and Aaungara Koolaroo (Dad) welcomed 4 beautiful boys into the world on the 4th of February.  All guys are doing well and we will keep this page updated with their progress.

  • Blaze is our little vocal boy, he likes to squeak even when he is feeding so cute. Long tail, tricolour face, body is completely white at this stage.
  • Primo is our symmetrical boy, tricolour with symmetrical face mask and black spot on centre rump, body all white at this stage. 2/3 tail.
  • Squirt is the little guy but he is catching up fast, tricolour with black patches on his body. Natural Bob Tail.
  • Pantsman is the cute guy with the tan cheeks and it looks like he has pants on with black markings going down his legs. Natural Bob Tail.

The two white bodied boys may develop natural black patches as they get older, it is common for Tenterfield terriers to get the black pepper patches as they age.  The underlying skin will usually have darker patches and these can develop with the fine black hairs that create the salt and pepper look.

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