Happy Additions to Our Family

Our Boys, Neo and Jiminy, from Alaula Tenterfield Terriers are now six months old. How did that happen so fast?

It is time to put our thoughts on paper as we are just thrilled with their development and this is in no small part due to the time and effort and thought which Melanie and Peter put into their breeding programme.

During their first eight weeks, we were in almost daily contact with Melanie and Peter who really made us feel part of The Boys first weeks. First eyes open, first waddle across the floor. We really did feel included in their formative moments.

Our collection day was a lovely experience with Melanie briefing us on progress made, a list of their experiences, even providing us with two blankets made from a puppy blanket they had shared to help with separation anxiety and some homemade toys for their long trip home to the Gold Coast.

The Boys came to us at eight weeks beautifully prepared for their new life. Their outside experiences were already numerous, which meant they were confident little puppies from the outset.

Melanie and Peter were extremely supportive during the first few weeks they were home with us, fielding our many questions with considered responses and never making us feel like we were asking silly questions.

Being litter brothers, we have taken extra care in their training to ensure they are treated equally yet as individuals, however this hasn’t been a terribly difficult exercise as they are very different in personality.

We are thrilled with their temperaments, they walk off lead at the park and the beach, mixing with all shapes and sizes of dogs without any dramas. They are terrific little dogs in the yard and the house and are fitting in beautifully with our existing Fur Family members, two older chihuahuas and two cats.

We would not hesitate recommending an Alaula Tenterfield Terrier for any family looking for a pup with a beautiful temperament and wonderful conformation.

Deborah Wilson and Michelle Forbes-Lording
Gold Coast