The Perfect Dog For Me

After the death of my Tenterfield Terrier in 2018, I was devastated. After a time, I longed for another Tenterfield. I searched everywhere, unsure of the right place to buy from. Thankfully, I found Mel and Pete, their web and Facebook pages. Wowwww, what a wealth of information about pups! With my last 2 dogs, I just picked a colour and handed over my money and took my 6 week pup home and that was it, I was on my own.

Little did I know there was so much more information about selecting and owning a pup. I followed Alaula’s web and Facebook pages and saw info, photos and videos, on exactly how pups are born, raised and educated into confident and happy pups. Having this new found knowledge, I then knew that I had to have one of their pups. Thankfully a litter was due in February, so I was able to follow the pregnancy, birth and education of my new puppy online.

My darling puppy ‘Arrow’ was delivered to me on Good Friday and he’s been with me for just over a week. What a beautiful and loving nature he has; and has settled in really well. Arrow is very responsive to whatever training and play I give him and loves spending time with my neighbours. Arrow truly is the perfect puppy for me and I’m so honoured to have him in my life. Thanks Mel and Pete and the team at Alaula.